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Iguana Removal

As a homeowner in Florida, you might be aware of the green iguana problem. These non-native reptiles can cause damage to your property and landscaping, and they compete with native wildlife for resources. The good news is, since they’re considered invasive, you’re legally allowed to remove them from your property, as long as it’s done humanely. 

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Damage That Can Be Caused By Iguanas


Iguanas are voracious herbivores and consume a wide variety of plants.

Burrowing Behavior

Iguanas are burrowers, and their digging can destabilize and damage sidewalks, foundations, seawalls, berms, and canal banks.

Landscape Destruction

The collapse of burrows can cause damage to infrastructure like roads and buildings, leading to costly repairs.


Iguanas leave droppings on docks, porches, decks, pool platforms, and even inside swimming pools, creating a nuisance and potential health concerns.

Roof Damage

 In rare cases, they can access roofs through tall trees and burrow underneath causing damage to roofing materials and potentially entering attics.

Not-So-Native Floridians: The Story of Iguanas in Southeast Florida

The iconic green iguana (Iguana iguana) basking in the Florida sunshine is a familiar sight for many. However, these prehistoric-looking reptiles are not native to the Sunshine State. Their presence in Southeast Florida is relatively recent, and their story is one of human influence, adaptation, and ecological concern.

Accidental Introduction: The 1960s and Beyond

The exact timeline of the green iguana’s arrival in Florida is unclear, but most evidence points to the 1960s. Several factors likely contributed to their introduction:

  • Escaped Pets: The growing popularity of iguanas as exotic pets in the mid-20th century led to accidental escapes or deliberate releases by owners who could no longer care for them.
  • Hurricane Releases: Powerful hurricanes in the Caribbean and South Florida during the 1960s and 1970s are suspected to have dislodged iguanas from their native habitats, transporting them to Florida shores.
  • Intentional Releases: Some theories suggest deliberate releases by individuals wanting to establish breeding populations, either for commercial purposes or simply to create a tropical feel.

Adaptation and Expansion:

Southeast Florida’s warm climate, abundant vegetation, and lack of natural predators provided the perfect environment for the green iguanas to thrive. They readily adapted to their new surroundings, finding food in gardens, parks, and even urban landscapes. Their population has grown exponentially since their introduction, with estimates exceeding 1 million individuals in Florida alone.

Ecological Concerns:

While initially seen as harmless visitors, the growing iguana population has become a cause for concern. They are voracious herbivores, consuming a wide variety of plants, including native vegetation and agricultural crops. This can cause damage to landscapes and threaten endangered plant species. Additionally, their burrowing behavior can destabilize infrastructure like sidewalks and seawalls.

Current Situation and Management:

Efforts are underway to manage the iguana population in Florida. These include public education campaigns to discourage the release of unwanted pets, research into humane and effective control methods, and limited culling programs in specific areas. However, controlling the established population remains a complex challenge.

The Future of Iguanas in Florida:

The green iguana’s story in Southeast Florida is a cautionary tale about the unintended consequences of introducing non-native species. It serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for careful consideration before introducing foreign plants and animals to new environments. As the story unfolds, managing the iguana population and mitigating their ecological impact will continue to be a major focus for conservation scientists and wildlife managers in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where In Florida Has The Most Iguanas

Green iguana populations can be found along most of the SE section of Florida

What is an Iguanas Main Preditor?

Once a iguana reaches 2′ in length they have very few preditors.  Until they reach this size accoons, snakes, hawks, owls, egrets, herons, cats, and dogs will kill and eat iguanas.

Does an Iguana Bite Hurt?

Although Iguanas teeth are made to eat and grind plants they can still deliver a painful bite when threatened.   Iguanas would rather run when confronted but they will stand their ground if all else fails.

How Long Do Iguanas Live?

Many iguanas will live for over 20 years.

Ways We Remove Iguanas

Pellett Gun

Using top of the line professional pellet rifiles we can quickly reduce the iguana population in and round your property safely and quickly.  Our pellet rifiles are very effective yet humain offering the accuracy of traditional rifles yet do not have as many safety and noise challenges as traditional firearms with much longer ranges.


Live capture traps can be very effective and are very humain.   Iguanas captured using traps are generally euthinised shortly after capture.   We will provide the traps and the monitoring of the traps throughout the capture period.


Nooses are very effective at capturing Iguana because Iguans run with their heads held high on the look out for danger.   The are typically still alive when we remove them from the Noose but are euthinized after capture.

Iguana Removal Consultation

We may be out chasing Iguanas at the moment but please be patient we will get back to you shortly.

If you need immediate assistance please feel free to call us at 407 455-3650

Adult iguanas are large powerful animals that can bite, cause severe scratch wounds with their extremely sharp claws, and deliver a painful slap with their powerful tail. Iguanas normally avoid people but will defend themselves against pets and people that try to catch them or corner thems done humanely. 

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